February 13 Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA. Reading with Tom Yuill
  April 9 Wesley Center, Minneapolis, MN. Reading for Trio House Book Launch
  April 25 Sacramento Poetry Center, Sacramento, CA. Reading and Seminar
  May 12 Amplatz Children's Hospital, Minneapolis, MN. Reading as part of the Cracked Walnut Literary Festival 2015
  January 10 The Loft Literary Center, Minneapolis, MN
  April 18 Common Good Books, Saint Paul, MN. With Gretchen Marquette
  May 12 The Blacksmith House, Cambridge, MA. With Tomas Morin
  June 7 The Seminary Bookstore, Chicago, IL. With Benjamin Landry
  June 8 The Chicago Tribune Book Festival, Chicago, IL
  August 12 Subtext Books, Saint Paul, MN. With Matthew Frank
  November 3 Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD